About us.

we are the banyole whom they call "Mashroom eaters" We live in Butaleja district in Eastern Ugands. Our neighbors are the Bagwere from the northern side, Japadholas on the southers Side, Bamasaba on the Eastern side and the Basoga on the western side.

Banyole called "the Mashroom eaters" , Millet and simsim is their traditional food. But as time has gone on changing, alot of things have also changed. You find Maize, potatoes, rice, cassava among the foods the Banyole use. Souce, is commonly vegetable from plants and meat from wild and domestic animals and birds. This is dependant on one's delicacy.

Banyole's income is mostly dependant on agriculture. But some poeple work for the government and those one who do their owm jobs for lively hood.

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